February 2020 Overview & Notes

We figured out that a standard Pantone color must be used to have a uniform color palate across paint, websites & business cards.

Master lease agreement updated from .doc to .pdf via Donna's request

Minor adjustment of some wording for a paragraph on the Property Management page via Monica's request.

Google & Facebook Ads modified and updated

I added one of our videos as well as your picture to the ads and website showcasing you as owner

Updated Logo color and the rest of the website colors to Gatekeeper Blue & Gatekeeper Beige

The 'cities pages' design came out very well. I was proud of that one. Once I have the ladies at the office give their stamp of approval on the content, I can create the remaining 24 clone sites; each with its own city. These sites will boost our SEO and drive more traffic to the site. We should be seeing some of that by the April report if not the March report. Each site will be uploaded to Google via sitemap (spoon feed Google the pages so it doesn't have to slowly find them over time)

Video titles have been added to the mobile version of the website

New Property Information Sheet (NPIS) online form available for desktop and mobile submission to Monica. It took me quite a while to find the right software to use for the form creation. Most companies want at least $120/year + to manage forms on a website. I was able to find a great option after enough digging [Cognito Forms] that is free within a certain amount of forms and submissions. I was also able to find us a free .pdf solution for the W9 form.

Docusign asks a lot for their service. I can create a form where the signer can sign in a blank box with their finger or computer mouse (as was created for the W9 Form), but the question is - is that as legal as a wet ink signature? I think that it is, but I'm not sure. Docusign verifys the signer's identity and makes it difficult to impossible for denial of signing. 

I am becoming a Form Master!

The accessibility, ease of use and full automation of the forms that I have setup on the Gatekeeper page is amazing to me. I spent a lot of my own time learning how it could be done well at zero cost. The easy way to create solutions for these kinds of problems is to throw money at it. Because of my relationship with money and because of the principals I learned from Gary Johnston, I now shutter at the term "monthly fee" so I dug and dug and dug, and finally found $0.00 solutions to the forms challenge. If I do my job the right way, over several years, the cost of my services will pay for themselves. It's also teaching me how to offer these same services to future clients with a markup to generate passive income. 

I have spent a good deal of time playing around with the aesthetics of the site (all on my own time) It has been great practice for me. I think the overall look of the site is very good, especially with the new Gatekeeper Beige and Blue applied. 

On The Horizon for March

Website Logo Redesign - The logo that is up on the website has been changed to the new Gatekeeper Blue, however the image is still poor quality. Has Muldro Marketing designed a new logo? If so I can integrate it into the Property Management website.

I am going to allow Candice, Monica and Donna preview my 3rd revision of the Cities Page before publishing 24 more copies of it for each city. It will be much easier for me to correct 1 error once instead of 25 times. 

Google My Business locations still need to be added to make it look like Gatekeeper has brick & mortar locations all over Georgia. We can do as few or many of those as you would like from the list of 25 cities serviced. If you can, get me the address of a house that we can use as a test run. The house can be in any serviced city besides Peachtree City. I will have a post card sent there from Google with a confirmation code on it. 

The HTML email survey - This will boost our Google My Business and Yelp rating. I have been searching for a $0.00 service that will easily allow the office to deliver the survey to owners and tenants. 

Aside from these items, it looks as though the need for my time may be starting to slow down. I have been thrilled to be able to do the work thus far, and will be happy to work on any future ideas/projects that could help the company. 

Website Traffic Report

This report shows how many people visited your website in the last month


Up by 282 visitors from the previous month

Up by 251 visitors from the previous month

Percentage of users who leave the site after viewing only one page

Will not increase significantly with next months report because the new forms use a different tracking method

Slight decrease

Slight increase

Significant increase

Increased visitors

Increased visitors

January (previous month's report)
Google Ads Performance

I am continuing to weed out Search Phrases that relate to tenants searching for houses to rent. Each month new search phrases populate the list and need weeded out. The more refinement, the further each dollar spent will go towards targeting owners

January (previous month's report)
Facebook Ad Images

I have the Facebook Ads set to generate a multitude of layouts and styles across various mobile and desktop platforms. This keeps the ads looking new and interesting to potential customers who may have already seen the ad a few times before.

In my experience, having spent quite a lot of money with facebook ads, I was not satisfied with my return on investment, but music lessons are a different field all together. On the positive side, getting website traffic that comes from Facebook gives a boost to SEO. The Ads are set to target owners only, but as I mentioned before, Facebook no longer offers the ability to zero in on a target demographic for business's involved in Real Estate.

Facebook Ads Performance

It surprises me that Facebook was not able to eat through the entire $150 monthly budget. There were only 20 total link clicks at $2.92/click which sounds ineffective and expensive. And those would be fair statements, however, another way to look at this is that we spent $58.48 to increase brand awareness and potentially received some high quality ad clicks. Our ad was shown 48,337 times to 3,217 people. Each of these people saw one of our ads approximately 15 times in the month of February. Those are some pretty big numbers for the money.

At first I thought Facebook's non-discrimination policy for ads related to the Housing Industry was a big hindrance on our ability to target prospective new owners. I was able to narrow our target audience from 400,000 to 9,200 people within 25 miles based on interest filters:

  • FHA Insured Loan

  • Investment Strategy

  • Real Estate Agent Directory

  • Real Estate Economics

  • Real Estate Entrepreneurship 


Facebook spit out our ads 48,337 times to people showing interest in these topics within a 25 mile radius of Peachtree City. I recommend we take a look together at the list of interests that can be added to the campaign. Adding just one interest can make the target audience very large.

The current budget is $5.00/day with an auction bid of $2.00 per 1,000 impressions.

The campaign is set to a Daily Unique Reach - each person in the target audience will only see the ad once per day. I did the math and we only paid $1.21 per 1,000 impressions to that target audience of 9,200 people.

Side Notes: There is an error with our ads not being shown in the left column. I'll investigate and figure out why. I also need to get with Rory Christian to gain access to the other two videos we chose to be a part of the ads. Only one of the videos on his Vimeo account was available for download.

Google My Business
January (previous month's report)

The HTML Survey Email should help this number tremendously.


I was not able to get around to that project this past month but it will be built and operational within the next week or so.


See there where it says "Manage Reviews" 

This 1 star review was never replied to by a Gatekeeper representative. Sometimes writing a courious reply can shame a disgruntled client into acting right resulting in them taking down or improving the bad review. I set Monica up with access to bad comments left on Facebook plus some coaching on how to reply to them. If you would like, I can set it up so that Monica has access to the Google My Business reviews page as well. She certainly is becoming your social media person.

Google Search Rank

Overall we recieved more website traffic this month than last, but I am not completely satisfied with our search ranks yet. The Google My Business Ranks have all improved. Some of the regular Google Search Results have improved or stayed the same, but others have dropped significantly. One way or another I am going to figure out why there was a drop for certain searches. It could be any number of things including H1 headers, duplicate paragraph text, or possibly the sitemap needs resubmitted. I believe the 'cities pages' will take care of each search rank once created. I will let you know my progress on this mid-month.

And that concludes your February Report!

Let me know if you would like to discuss any of the data found on this page.

Talk soon,