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GKSS Ads Performance

Facebook Ad Performance

The Facebook Ad for GKSS has been running since July 7th with a budget of $400/month. Every link click is a customer who viewed our Ad on Facebook and navigated to the GKSS website via a 'Learn More' clickable button. These are the results for the past 19 days.


Using cross-multiplication, we can derive that the number of Facebook Users (within 3 miles of GKSS) over a 30 day period would be 498. That's a lot of people. Each one of them is a prospective customer, within a 3 mile radius, interested in self-storage.

FB Performance Overview.png

The image below shows the "Reach" the number of people on Facebook who saw our Ad (left column numbers) vs. people who saw and clicked the 'Learn More' link to our website (right column numbers). 

Over 8,000 people in a 3 mile radius saw our Ad in only 19 days. This is a fantastic local brand awareness figure. And again, 316 of those people who saw the Facebook Ad link clicked it.

FB Reach.png

This is an interesting performance result. It would appear that younger men as well as older women are interested in self-storage. You'll also notice that there is a strong bias for older customers. Although, this may be a result of the Facebook demographic consisting primarily of an older demographic. (I hear Facebook isn't very popular with the kids these days)

FB Demographics.png
Google Ad Performance

The Google Ad for GKSS has been running since the company opened it's doors. The Google Ad Budget is set to $400/month with a 3 mile radius. 

Below is an overview of the past 6 months Ad Performance.


  • 3,650 prospective customers/month (within a 3 mile radius) see this Ad. That's great for local brand awareness. 

  • 72 clicks per month

  • 22 people use the Ad to navigate to our location each month

  • 5 calls/month generated from the Ad

Google Overview.png

As Brett said, the goal here is to make up for $250,000 lost and fill the vacancies.


I believe that, if the following actions are implemented, the company has a better chance of accomplishing this.

1) The website needs rebuilt with top-notch SEO - Top 3 rank.

2) Current inventory needs to be available on the website with a (click click click, credit card information taken, forms signed etc.) all digital approach to new customer sign-up. This is a must for 2023.

3) Continue to run the Google and FB Ads.

4) Conversions need setup on the website to track actions taken by customers after clicking the Ad. 

5) Consider a blanket physical Ad coupon to be distributed by USPS. This can be done for the entire city or designated sections. 

Feel free to contact me ANYTIME if you have further questions or would like to collaborate and brainstorm together on this.

Rex Burk


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