March 2020 Overview & Notes

I have put together some pretty cool and nerdy things for the property management website this month. I was able to make the site load faster. I also added icons to the bottom of the mobile version for quick access to call and email the office as well as quick access to our Facebook page.

There is something called NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number)

When your website contains this information in a specific grouped order, you can copy and paste that all over the internet on other websites. Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business Page, Pinterest etc. 

Do most businesses need obscure social media pages to drive revenue? Maybe some but most brick and mortar local services do not. But because of NAP, they are an odd necessity. Google sees your NAP on several different websites which increases SEO. There are 200+ social media sites that allow businesses to create a profile and post their NAP. Only a few of these profiles had already been setup by Griffin Web so that saved me some time. The descriptions were general and not helping our SEO. I fixed that by including our NAP. 

With some help from Monica, the Documents section of the website has been updated to be more visually comprehensive and easy to navigate. I have also added an Areas Serviced subpage to the Property Management tab. Each city listed has an internal link to a created 'cities page' which helps Google know they exist and that we aren't hiding them. 

I found a solution for the email survey campaign to raise Google and Yelp ratings. The campaigns can reach up to 5,000 people a month without causing us any additional cost. A webpage has been built with a survey form that is currently set to submit to

It took me a while to workout the web address issue with Google indexing for the City Landing Pages, but they have all been created and are increasing in rank. Each page contains a brief excerpt of the website for that page's given city. 

I updated the areas serviced on our Google My Business listing. It is limited to 20 cities within our brick and mortar location. Monica has been made a manager of the Google My Business listing to handle any negative reviews. She can log into the access page from a computer or phone with the app to post replies. I noticed that she was making regular posts to our Facebook page until February 20th, but that was the last post made. I sent her a screenshot showing the increased traffic to the website from Facebook. I had hoped this would encourage her to continue to post regularly. Each post receives 80+ views and engagement from viewers. I recommend 2-5 posts a week if possible, but spread out. No more than 1-2 posts a day. You may want to clearly outline that responsibility if she has the time during the day. The posts contain our available homes and are quick/easy to create. 

Our Facebook Ads campaign was not eating through the $150/month budget so I increased the audience to 130,000 within 25 miles

On The Horizon for April

Ideas for the future - "Rex storming"


I think it might be beneficial to add  another subpage to the Property Management tab called "Investor Materials" or "Property Owner Education" If we could provide education for new owners with articles like "Why You Need a Property Management Company" or "How to Calculate Your Rental Income" that might go a long way in making the site a place to spend time. This could potentially give us better SEO and build trust with new owners at the same time. I believe it would convey that we want them to be educated and succeed as investors. Google also rewards websites that periodically add new content. The articles could be sourced from the internet and viewed within our site, or if you, or anyone you know would be interested in writing articles on the topic of rental investment, I can showcase them on the site. Something to consider. 

I think one thing that our site is lacking is a more detailed description of the services we offer. I can create subpages on the topics of maintenance, tenant screening, rent collecting etc. All I would need is the paragraphs. The sites can be made fairly quickly if I have that content. I noticed that other property management companies go into more detail on their sites about services offered and thought it might be a prudent addition to ours as well. Would you or someone with free time at the office be up for writing some descriptions?

If you have a designated person at the office who does showings, I can setup automated online bookings for property viewings. If the office spends a lot of time scheduling viewings, I can automate that for the prospective tenant through the website. It could be setup the same way that I have my guitar lesson bookings available online. Let me know if that might help the office. 

I need to ad a contributor to the website - someone you trust to take over the billing and site changes if I get hit by a bus. Who would you like to appoint to that role? I can appoint several individuals access via email invitation.

Website Traffic Report

This report shows how many people visited your website in the last month


Up by 282 visitors from the previous month

Up by 251 visitors from the previous month

Percentage of users who leave the site after viewing only one page

Will not increase significantly with next months report because the new forms use a different tracking method

Slight decrease

Slight increase

Significant increase

Increased visitors

Increased visitors

January (previous month's report)
Google Ads Performance

I am continuing to weed out Search Phrases that relate to tenants searching for houses to rent. Each month new search phrases populate the list and need weeded out. The more refinement, the further each dollar spent will go towards targeting owners

January (previous month's report)
Facebook Ad Images

You know I was thinking, if someone says here's $150 bucks go spend it, I should probably go spend it. Last month we only spent X.xx so I broadened the target demographic; still including only facebook users with some relevant interest in real estate investment.  

Facebook Ads Performance

It surprises me that Facebook was not able to eat through the entire $150 monthly budget. There were only 20 total link clicks at $2.92/click which sounds ineffective and expensive. And those would be fair statements, however, another way to look at this is that we spent $58.48 to increase brand awareness and potentially received some high quality ad clicks. Our ad was shown 48,337 times to 3,217 people. Each of these people saw one of our ads approximately 15 times in the month of February. Those are some pretty big numbers for the money.

At first I thought Facebook's non-discrimination policy for ads related to the Housing Industry was a big hindrance on our ability to target prospective new owners. I was able to narrow our target audience from 400,000 to 9,200 people within 25 miles based on interest filters:

  • FHA Insured Loan

  • Investment Strategy

  • Real Estate Agent Directory

  • Real Estate Economics

  • Real Estate Entrepreneurship 


Facebook spit out our ads 48,337 times to people showing interest in these topics within a 25 mile radius of Peachtree City. I recommend we take a look together at the list of interests that can be added to the campaign. Adding just one interest can make the target audience very large.

The current budget is $5.00/day with an auction bid of $2.00 per 1,000 impressions.

The campaign is set to a Daily Unique Reach - each person in the target audience will only see the ad once per day. I did the math and we only paid $1.21 per 1,000 impressions to that target audience of 9,200 people.

Side Notes: There is an error with our ads not being shown in the left column. I'll investigate and figure out why. I also need to get with Rory Christian to gain access to the other two videos we chose to be a part of the ads. Only one of the videos on his Vimeo account was available for download.

Google My Business
January (previous month's report)

The HTML Survey Email should help this number tremendously.


I was not able to get around to that project this past month but it will be built and operational within the next week or so.


See there where it says "Manage Reviews" 

This 1 star review was never replied to by a Gatekeeper representative. Sometimes writing a courious reply can shame a disgruntled client into acting right resulting in them taking down or improving the bad review. I set Monica up with access to bad comments left on Facebook plus some coaching on how to reply to them. If you would like, I can set it up so that Monica has access to the Google My Business reviews page as well. She certainly is becoming your social media person.

Google Search Rank

Overall we recieved more website traffic this month than last, but I am not completely satisfied with our search ranks yet. The Google My Business Ranks have all improved. Some of the regular Google Search Results have improved or stayed the same, but others have dropped significantly. One way or another I am going to figure out why there was a drop for certain searches. It could be any number of things including H1 headers, duplicate paragraph text, or possibly the sitemap needs resubmitted. I believe the 'cities pages' will take care of each search rank once created. I will let you know my progress on this mid-month.

And that concludes your February Report!

Let me know if you would like to discuss any of the data found on this page.

Talk soon,